Hail Varsity Club is Not a Private Club, We Are Open to Everyone

Hail Varsity Club is a vibrant spot for all sports fans looking for an elevated sports bar experience.  However, there is a common misconception that Hail Varsity Club is a private club that is only accessible to a select few. This is not the case.

Let’s answer the number one question you might have by visiting this article immediately.

Do you have to be a member of Hail Varsity Club?

Absolutely Not! We are a public restaurant and sports bar serving our entire community and are especially convenient for visitors to the Papillion, La Vista, and Millard areas of Omaha.

Why did you name your sports bar Hail Varsity Club?

The Hail Varsity Club name and brand was derived from our sports media company named Hail Varsity which has covered Husker Athletics for more than a decade. The venue at Hail Varsity Club is named Hurrdat Live! after Hail Varsity’s parent company, Hurrdat Media.

When picking a theme for our sports bar we couldn’t think of a better or more respected brand to connect with than, well, our own. Hail Varsity and Hurrdat are longstanding members of the local sports community with connections no other sports bar in the area has.

What’s a Hail Varsity Subscription?

Hail Varsity has offered a subscription to our media offerings since we launched in 2012. We publish a monthly magazine, post the latest stories on our website, have a social media following second only to the University’s own social following, and produce dozens of podcasts. When we opened Hail Varsity Club we wanted to celebrate our thousands of subscribers with perks and benefits available only to our subscribers.

What’s the difference between a subscriber and a member?

Nothing. Subscribers and members are interchangeable, and everyone gets the same subscription and in-store perks at Hail Varsity Club.

What are the benefits of becoming a Member/Subscriber of Hail Varsity Club?

If you are visiting from out of town, you can probably stop reading now.

If you’re a die-hard Nebraska sports fan, a subscription to the Hail Varsity Club is a no-brainer. With a host of benefits ranging from discounts on food and drinks to early access to special events, joining the Hail Varsity Club is the best way to stay connected to all things Huskers.

First and foremost, Hail Varsity Club members receive dedicated specials and upgrades at the restaurant. Enjoy discounted happy hour pricing all day long, as well as 10% off food orders. You’ll also receive a free upgrade from a 16oz to a 22oz draft beer, as well as exclusive monthly food and drink specials. For true Husker fans, this is a deal you simply can’t pass up.

But the benefits of the Hail Varsity Club go beyond the restaurant. Members also receive special event access, which includes early access to purchase tickets for both public and member-only events. This is an incredible perk, especially for events that tend to sell out quickly.

And of course, one of the biggest draws of the Hail Varsity Club is the subscription to Hail Varsity Magazine. With ten regular issues per year, you’ll stay up-to-date on everything happening in Nebraska sports, from college athlete recruiting to post-game recaps. You’ll also receive the Nebraska Football Yearbook, a double issue, in June, providing you with unparalleled coverage of your favorite team.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Hail Varsity Club members also receive total access to HailVarsity.com, as well as access to the Hail Varsity Mobile App. This means you can stay connected to Nebraska sports news and updates no matter where you are.

In short, joining the Hail Varsity Club is a must for any Nebraska sports fan. With dedicated specials and upgrades, early access to special events, and a subscription to the premier Nebraska college sports media outlet, you’ll be in the know about all things Huskers. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Hail Varsity Club today!

Is a Hail Varsity Club Membership worth it if you aren’t a Husker Fan?

Yes, read more about the benefits for any sports fan in the Omaha area!